UG student research club organizes major fundraiser to fight against childhood cancer

The charity fundraiser unlike any other! Students from the University of Gdańsk student research club organized the fundraiser for beneficiaries of “Fundacja z Pompą” (Foundation with Pomp) to collect maximum funding for fight against childhood cancer of the Pediatric, Hematology and Oncology Clinic of University Clinical Center in Gdańsk patients. Students throughout Poland joined the fundraiser. The project was held under the auspices of UG and GUMed Rectors and Tricity mayors. The fundraiser lasts from May 18th to 31st, with the grand finale on Children’s Day.

Fundraiser duration: 18-31 May 2020

The official closing of “Pompujemy Radość” (We Pump Up Joy) and donation towards the foundation: 1 June 2020


Łukasz Dziekan the originator of the project, member of the Student Business Club at the University of Gdańsk, set himself a goal to organize the largest fundraiser in Pomorskie region after his visit to the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk. His changed view of the world, through the lenses of children with cancer, made him introspective and gave him motivation to achieve the goal.

-My viewpoint changed after visiting the clinic. I did not realize how life of a young cancer patient looks. It made me pause and reflect but also motivated me to achieve this goal. The goal to join forces of all students and support the children – Łukasz Dziekan.

The initiative was triggered after the conversation with Ewa Lipska-Sidor, a charge nurse, who had mentioned “Fundacja z Pompą” foundation supporting children from the Pediatric, Hematology and Oncology Clinic of University Clinical Center in Gdańsk. The commitment of multiple parties, including Natalia Kasprowicz - the fundraiser’s second coordinator and Deputy Chairperson of Student Business Club, together with Marta Czyż-Taraszkiewicz -  the Chairperson of the Charity Foundation, helped launching the online fundraising that starts on May 18th and lasts till the end of the month. It is an extraordinary, joint forces student initiative on a grand scale. The project is supported by Tricity mayors: mayor of Gdańsk – Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, mayor of Sopot – Jacek Karnowski and mayor of Gdynia – Wojciech Szczurek, together with Rectors of the University of Gdańsk and Gdańsk Medical University: Professors Jerzy Piotr Gwizdała and Marcin Gruchała,a but also mass media and internet celebrities: Grzegorz „Dakann” Barański, Paulina Soboń, Darwin Film Group, Robert Kupisz, Marta Bijan, Emilia Komarnicka, Ania Łempicka, WSZ, Peja oraz Przemysław Cypryański.

-I can, at least partially, understand parents of those children. Since my father’s recent cancer diagnosis my life has been turned upside down and its pace has been reevaluated. We need to support each other during difficult times! – Natalia Kasprowicz

The main objective of the “Pompujemy Radość” fundraising is to purchase treatment table for the children of Pediatric, Hematology and Oncology Clinic of University Clinical Center in Gdańsk. It is essential for bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, which require utmost precision. Two or three such procedures take place every day. The table currently in use is worn out and begins to fail meeting sanitary conditions. The S8 treatment table, selected as the fundraising object, meets all requirements for various surgical procedures. It allows for proper patient positioning during procedures. Table height can be adjusted handsfree. The design and materials used ensure proper hygiene. The mattress is seamless and durable, its thickness ensures patient’s comfort.

If the main objective is met, the organizers plan to continue fundraising to buy specialized beds for young patients (single bed costs around PLN14.000) and for infants (single bed costs around PLN 17.000). This is an ambitious goal, since the clinic requires 12 big and 4 small beds at the moment, which amounts to PLN236.000.

-We are full of optimism and want to share it with You. We aim as high as possible! If we collect money for treatment table and beds essential to the clinic, we will additionally provide cardiac monitors. Single unit costs PLN4.500. We encourage everybody to make a donation. If 2 500 of You donates PLN 20 we will have achieved the first objective! If 14300 – we will have achieved the second objective! The number of provided cardiac monitors for our brave patients depends entirely on You – add the fundraiser organizers.


The link to the main fundraiser objective: treatment table


Links to auxiliary objectives: small patient bed, infant bed, cardiac monitor


The entire project follows the slogan “Pompujemy Radość” (We Pump Up Joy). We encourage everybody willing to help to make a donation at:   

Biuro Rzecznika Prasowego Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego