Confucius Institute - meeting on scholarships

We would like to invite anyone interested in going to China on a Confucius Scholarship to an information meeting. Those who wish to participate in this programme must pass the HSK language exam at the appropriate level. There is also an age limit of 16 to 35 in most cases. The meeting will take place on April 9, at 10:00 am in an online format.

The efficient student exchange system between universities in China and UG is the result of the long-standing presence of the Confucius Institute at our university. Young sinologists most often apply for the scholarship of this unit. 

Until recently, the programme was coordinated by the Chinese Hanban organisation, but from April 2020 this responsibility has been taken over by the Chinese International Education Foundation. To apply, applicants should pass the HSK state language exam at the appropriate level. In proportion to the length of the trip (for four weeks, for six months, for one year, a bachelor's, master's or PhD programme), a higher level of examination is required. Some scholarships also require the passing of the HSKK oral examination. 

The age limit for applicants also depends on the type of scholarship. Applicants for a scholarship to China should be between 16 and 35 years old unless they are applying for an undergraduate degree, in which case the applicant must be no older than 25. Similarly, there is an exception to the requirements for master's studies - only people under 45 years of age can apply for this scholarship.

All interested in applying for the Confucius Scholarship are invited to the meeting organized by the UG Confucius Institute, which will take place on April 9 at 10. am on the Teams platform. Participants of the event will learn about the rules of organisation of this year's Confucius Scholarships and all the necessary information on how to apply.

Link to the meeting

Confucius Institute Scholarship Recruitment Guide

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