Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Education answers questions from students

Prof. UG dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Education of the University of Gdańsk answered students’ questions regarding remote studying, procedures governing classes, internships, exams requirements and theses defenses.

Due to the atypical studying conditions at Polish universities, since the middle of March, new regulations and procedures governing the operations at the University of Gdańsk are being worked out on an ongoing basis and are being adapted to the epidemic situation in Poland and the recommendations of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Rector of the University of Gdańsk ordinances and announcements of the University of Gdańsk authorities introduce new regulations, however writing down every tiny detail would be an impossible task. This is why UG Mors Radio invited Professor Arnold Kłonczyński, UG Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Education to the studio to answer questions sent by students.

Professor Arnold Kłonczyński highlighted the fact that so far almost 85% of classes included in the curriculum have been held remotely, because the pandemic limitations do not excuse students from attending classes and completing internship working hours. It is possible to take both classes and internships remotely, for instance in a form of developing projects, or other remote forms. He pointed out the possibility to take PE classes online (also with the use of popular fitness apps) and the rescheduling of laboratory classes for future semesters. He also spoke about receiving credits, exams and theses defenses held remotely. He emphasized that exams and credits, stipulated in the syllabuses as oral/ written/ workshops, have to take place remotely in a specific form, the use of apps and programs will help in that matter. There were many questions regarding sign-off sheets to be completed by students about to defend their theses, which previously had to be undersigned by various UG units. Askers were worried about many unavoidable close interactions while completing the sign-off sheet. Vice Rector explained that those sign-off sheets are not in force at the moment.

Multiple aspects of remote studying was discussed during the hour-long broadcast. Answers provided by Professor Kłonczyński dispelled most of the doubts. People that could not listen to the broadcast during its airing can now listen to it on the UG MORS Radio’s website ­ – – where podcast version of the recording is available.

Information regarding operations of the University of Gdańsk during the coronavirus SARS-COV-2 threat, ordinances and announcements of UG Rector, FAQ and plenty of useful safety information are available on the coronavirus dedicated University of Gdańsk website:


Maciej Goniszewski, UG MORS Radio Director

Translation: Adam Myzyk

Radio Mors