'Research Potential Database' Call for proposals

The University of Gdańsk invites researchers to participate in the Competition „Research Potential Database” SEA-EU which aim is to encourage the establishment or strengthening of research and teaching cooperation between SEA-EU partner universities using the information available in the Research Potential Database available at https://sea-eu.pl/

The competition is open to academic teachers employed at the University of Gdansk as their primary workplace within the group of research and teaching or research staff. The applicant will implement the project in collaboration with a minimum of one researcher/research group from a foreign SEA-EU partner University. 

A one-off grant of 10 000 PLN may be granted for the implementation of activities under the competition like business trips of UG researchers and visits of associates/research group members from the SEA-EU partner University unit. 

To enter the competition, you must submit an application and a letter of intent, which templates are available at  https://sea-eu.ug.edu.pl/konkurs-research-potential-database-sea-eu/. Both documents are to be submitted electronically to the SEA-EU Office,e-mail sea-eu@ug.edu.pl before June 20, 2022. The results will be announced on July 25, 2022.

More details available at https://sea-eu.ug.edu.pl/konkurs-research-potential-database-sea-eu/  

SEA-EU Office