In connection with the progressing commercialisation of the market of scientific journals, the Rector-Dean Office accepted the recommendation concerning the publication of the staff and doctoral students of the University of Gdańsk in scientific journals.

The University authorities recommend that the choice of a journal should be based primarily on its prestige in the given scientific environment. They also recommend checking the journals carefully, among other things, for their presence in recognised international bibliographic databases.

'The market for scientific journals is becoming increasingly commercialised. Some of them are adopting practices that put profit before scientific integrity. We do not want scientists from the University of Gdańsk to support such activities,' - says prof. dr hab. Wiesław Laskowski, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research. - 'The recommendations contain guidelines for authors of scientific works and administrators of financial resources. They tell what to consider when selecting a journal and what dangers to be aware of.'

According to the authors of the recommendations, it was also decided that the UG Publications Programme will not reward publications in journals whose only publication model is offering paid open access. The exception will be the most prestigious journals at the forefront of a given discipline (e.g. ranked in the top decile of journals according to the DIS parameter in a given discipline or enjoying an established reputation in the scientific community).

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