Do you want to gain the qualifications necessary for your work as a logistics manager and keep up to date with current trends and developments in mobility, transport, forwarding and logistics? Or maybe you dream of acquiring practical skills in operating IT tools used in logistics, such as SAP and ARIS? If so, get to know the new English-language course launched by the Faculty of Economics UG - Logistics and Mobility.

From the academic year 2022/2023, the University of Gdańsk enriches its offer with new majors in English. Logistics and Mobility is a Master's degree programme run by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk at the Faculty of Economics.

'Nowadays, an important element of a company's success are activities aimed at improving economic processes and responding to emerging problems as well as risk assessment. Therefore, the curriculum content of classes offered within the English-language specialisation in Logistics and Mobility provides knowledge and develops skills in forming concepts, assessing competitive opportunities of a company, applying methods and tools to improve, rationalise or optimise business processes in a company,' - says dr Leszek Reszka from the Faculty of Economics UG, supervisor of the newly created specialisation.

The curriculum combines issues related to modelling logistic processes, supply chain management, sustainable development of urban mobility, managerial decision-making in logistics, the importance of forwarding and transport in logistics and the use of IT tools in logistics and mobility. The study programme is also supplemented by subjects enabling students to broaden their knowledge of mobility in its broadest sense, the development of which is determined by trends in the market for transport, forwarding and logistics services.

'The advantages of the programme connected with showing servicing and integrating functions of logistic activities and the significance of mobility development in the functioning of the TSL market cannot be overestimated,' - adds dr Leszek Reszka.

The major in Logistics and Mobility enables students to gain qualifications indispensable in the work of a logistics manager, gain knowledge about current trends and directions in mobility and transport sector development, observe real-life logistic processes thanks to organised study visits to enterprises or contact with representatives of business practice, who are involved in the realisation of selected subjects.

Who can recruit for this course? Graduates of all majors can apply for this course.

Required documents

Recruitment (IRK) starts on the 1st of June. Registration for the Logistics and Mobility major closes on July 15, the list of candidates is announced on July 22, and on July 28 the list of those accepted to study will be published. 

The list of all fields of study on offer at UG is available on the website.

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