Mobile student ID at the University of Gdańsk

Ekran smartfona pokazujący obsługę mLegitymacji

University of Gdańsk signed an agreement with the Ministry of Digital Affairs on introducing the mobile student ID, a mobile equivalent of the current student document. The University of Gdańsk expects its students to start using student IDs on their mobile phones from the new 2020/2021 academic year.

Mobile student ID (the so called student ID on a mobile phone) is the electronic version of the student document, having the same legal status as its conventional equivalent – ELS plastic card ID. Document will be opened with the use of QR code and an activation code received from the University.

University of Gdańsk is currently at the stage of preparing procedures that will allow the new electronic document to be launched.

-The Agreement with the Ministry of Digital Affairs was signed on 30 June 2020. Right now the whole legal process, necessary to launch the service, has started. We expect to launch the service before October 2020. We plan to upload the Mobile student ID application to the Student Portal, together with the QR code download link, which is necessary to open the document – says Professor Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek, Vice-Rector for IT Development and Internationalisation of the University of Gdańsk.

A mobile student ID simplifies dealing with multiple student affairs, however it serves only a supporting role, which means it is still mandatory to hold conventional ELS document.

For the time being 39 Polish universities offer mobile student IDs.


Photo by Filip Staszewski/ Ministry of Digital Affairs

Press Office of University of Gdańsk