European University of the Seas – SEA-EU alliance received funds from Horizon 2020 programme

SEA-EU alliance, with University of Gdańsk being one of the partners, has received funds from the prestigious Horizon 2020 programme for the implementation of reSEArch-EU project. The acronym stands for : “reinforce SustainablE Actions, resilience, cooperation and harmonisation across and by the SEA-EU Alliance”.

reSEArch-EU seeks to bolster the research and innovation capacity of SEA-EU with support of business partners, in step with our shared, integrated and long-term strategy.

The overall budget of the project is 2 million euro and UG will receive over 318 thousand euro for carrying out the assigned tasks. Our university is responsible for a Work Package titled Bridging the Gap with Innovation Ecosystem.

The main objectives of the work package are:

  • to explore and to promote innovation and entrepreneurial potential of the SEA-EU Alliance;
  • to improve IPR management, training, applicability and exploitation through Patent Landscape Tool methodology and Virtual Technology and Transfer Office;
  • to empower early stage scientists to engage in own entrepreneurial initiatives;
  • to build a foundation for a SEA-EU strategy of science and technology services strengthening and sharing innovation capacity;
  • to establish university business collaborative platform reinforcing science-practice partnerships and cooperative models;
  • to decide on principles and tactics to be used in SEA-EU Alliance as resources to develop specific strategies for meeting the growing need for innovation and for mainstreaming entrepreneurial mindset of researchers.

The team of academic and non-academic staff was involved in preparation of the proposal of this project, i.e. prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Bielawski, prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski, dr Sebastian Susmarski, dr Joanna Morawska-Jancelewicz, dr Karol Śledzik, mgr Marlena Rutkowska-Myzyk, mgr Patrycja Oprawko and mgr Ewa Weronis.

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