New dimension of cooperation between Fahrenheit Universities and Gdańsk Science and Technology Park

The University of Gdańsk, together with the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdańsk, has signed an agreement with the Pomeranian Special Zone on cooperation between leading academic Technology Transfer Centres. Under the document signed during the XXXIII All-Poland SOOIPP Conference, Gdańsk Science and Technology Park together with Fahrenheit Universities will offer comprehensive solutions to facilitate research and development work.

From left: Radosław Wika, Director of GPNT, PSSE, Tomasz Chyrek, legal counsel, deputy director of CTT UG, Jaśmina Zwierz, Project Manager, GPNT, Katarzyna Waligóra-Borek, Director of CTT GUMed, Damian Kuźniewski, Director of CTWiT PG. photo: GPNT press materials

The signatories of the agreement declare their willingness to undertake joint activities in the field of broadly understood commercialisation of research results consisting in supporting and stimulating innovative entrepreneurship and creating effective links between science and business by disseminating knowledge on technology transfer.

The services will be aimed in particular at enterprises that are interested in creating a new product, conducting research and development work or creating prototypes, or are looking for solutions to technological problems. The cooperation will consist, among other things, in improving the transfer and commercialisation of technology, increasing the effectiveness of links between science and business, supporting activities that promote acceleration and incubation programmes for start-ups or the exchange of good practice and experience in, among other things, the implementation of EU projects.

'Close cooperation with the best universities in the Pomeranian Voivodeship is one of the priorities of the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park managed by the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. We hope that the joint activities initiated will allow significant mutual benefits to be achieved in the future and that the projects conducted will be the starting point for long-term strategic cooperation,' - emphasises Przemysław Sztandera, President of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.

'It is important to us that both zone and park enterprises develop their business through technology transfer. We want the best ideas to be created and stay in Pomerania, and we want academic spin-offs to locate their activities in the innovation ecosystem created by the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone because the synergy of science and business is the basis for the economic development of our region and country,' - adds Radosław Wika, Director of DPNT, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.

The universities were represented by the directors of the Technology Transfer Centres.

- 'The University of Gdańsk has been cooperating with the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park for a long time. One of the tangible proofs of this cooperation is the presence of thriving companies established with the participation of the university - e.g. Qusar Lab - in the Park's office space. We hope that the agreement signed today will contribute to the intensification of cooperation, the development of existing projects and the launch of new ones,' - says Tomasz Chyrek, Deputy Director of the Technology Transfer Centre at the UG.

Interested entrepreneurs will be presented with the possibilities of developing their company's potential through technology transfer and the current research offer of scientific units. Additionally, available sources and financing mechanisms will be proposed. An innovation broker will advise where to obtain professional support, establish cooperation with an appropriate research unit and arrange an initial meeting tailored to the entrepreneur's individual needs.

CTT UG/GPNT, coverage MJ