University of Gdańsk awarded at AZS Gala

Photo: AZS press materials

Second place in the university classification and fourth place overall for the University of Gdańsk! This is how, at this year's Academic Sports Gala, the best athletes, activists and, above all, the best universities in the Polish Academic Championships were awarded.

This year's Academic Sports Gala was the culmination of the 100th anniversary of AZS Lublin. During the ceremony at the Meeting of Cultures Centre, the best athletes and universities participating in the AMP were awarded.

Representatives of AZS University of Gdańsk composed of dr Jan Patok, Director of the Centre for Physical Education and Sport, Tomasz Aftański, Deputy Director, and Piotr Walczak, President of AZS University of Gdańsk, were honoured to receive awards for 2nd place in the university classification and 4th place overall for the University of Gdańsk.

- 'To be at the top of the classification once again is a huge success for the University of Gdańsk. Only the University of Warsaw was better in the university competition. In the general classification, there were extremely strong universities ahead of us - Gdańsk University of Technology, the aforementioned University of Gdańsk and AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków,' - says Piotr Walczak, President of AZS UG. - Big applause and thanks to all Students, Coaches and Employees. Of course, my thanks also go to the University Authorities, who made it possible for us to compete in this year's Polish Academic Championships.

Students of the University of Gdańsk - Paula Zawistowska and Weronika Wieżynis - received awards at the Gala in Lublin. Players from the AZS UG Women's Futsal team received awards for the bronze medal at this year's Academic World Championships in Portugal.

Photos: AZS press materials
EMW / Press Office UG