When innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. A Hibox will stand at the UG campus


It will appear as early as January at the UG campus and next to the student dormitories. What is the innovative, energy-efficient Hibox and why will it appear at the UG Campus? 

The Hibox is a solar-powered locker box. This innovative solution cannot be found on any other Polish or European campus. It can be used by anyone who wants to leave an item for someone else. - 'A lecturer can leave documents for a student and a student can order shopping or a parcel to be collected. It is the only system in the world to unify courier deliveries,' - says Bartłomiej Jabłoński, Development Director of Hibox.

'Cooperation with Hibox is an element of the innovation strategy, which is one of the goals of the University of Gdańsk. Our university is innovative and wants to continue to be a forerunner in this type of endeavour, - says dr Mirosław Czapiewski, Innovation Plenipotentiary of the UG. - 'This partnership is not limited to lockboxes and what is the subject of already signed agreements. Hibox offers cooperation in other areas and we plan to sign an agreement in this space soon. We plan to make internal communication easier for the most important members of our community, the students, by introducing electric scooters.'

Od lewej: Pełnomocnik ds. Innowacji dr Mirosław Czapiewski, Kanclerz UG Jacek Jętczak, Dyrektor ds. Rozwoju Hibox Bartłomiej Jabłoński, pomysłodawca systemu Hibox Dawid Salomon i Zastępca Kanclerza ds. Infrastruktury i Administracji Leszek Fiertek

From left: Innovation Plenipotentiary dr Mirosław Czapiewski, UG Chancellor Jacek Jętczak, Hibox Development Director Bartłomiej Jabłoński, Hibox system originator Dawid Salamon and Vice-Chancellor for Infrastructure and Administration Leszek Fiertek

In January 2023, as many as 10 Hiboxes will be standing on the Oliwa and Sopot UG campuses and by the dormitories. The initiative was possible thanks to the good cooperation of the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences dr hab. Michal Harciarek, prof. UG, the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development dr Krzysztof Szczepaniak, the Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Administration Leszek Fiertek and the Innovation Plenipotentiary dr Mirosław Czapiewski. The Hibox company is represented in this partnership by Bartłomiej Jabłoński and Dawid Salamon, the originator of the system. 

Hibox is a multifaceted invention that combines not only innovation but also sustainability. The lockbox only consumes solar energy and does not require a permanent Internet connection. As its creators say: - It is the only device that only needs space to operate.


The University of Gdańsk has made the university's infrastructure available to Hibox to test the pilot version of the system. This means that for the first three months of operation, the service will be free of charge. 

However, this is not the end of the innovation on campus. As an 'appendage' to Hibox, the first power bank station will appear at the Faculty of Social Sciences in December. It will contain 48 certified devices with a capacity of 5,000 mAh and quick-charge 2.0. The station also has an HD screen on which the UG Student Government will post its messages. 

The University of Gdańsk and Hibox plan to continue their cooperation and implement further innovative projects at the university's premises, which are related to achieving sustainability goals. 

Marcel Jakubowski / Press Office UG, photo: Marcel Jakubowski, graphics: Hibox