Major success of AZS UG Men's and Women's Handball Teams at the 2020 Polish Academic Championship.

Drużyna szczypiornistek AZS UG

AZS UG Women’s Handball Team, coached by Jan Patok and Krzystof Kotwicki duo, won gold medal at the Handball Women’s Academic Championship Poland 2020 in general classification. It is a historical success of the AZS Uniwersytet Gdański women’s team.

The Handball Academic Championship Poland 2020 took place from 28 September to 1 October 2020 in Chorzów.

AZS UG started the tournament by drawing with the Silesian University of Technology Gliwice (25:25), then lost to the University of Physical Education in Warsaw in the second game. It turned out later that a single point and the greater margin of points in the Gliwice team loss to Warsaw team allowed UG Team to advance to another round. Quarterfinals brought the derby of Gdańsk, where our team defeated Gdańsk University of Technology 22:15(11:8). This win allowed AZS UG team to advance to the Final Four. In the semifinals our team defeated the University of Warsaw team 21:16 and then proceeded to beat the favorites, Kozminski University Warsaw team, 20:18 (8:8) in the gold medal game.

 The impossible became a reality - AZS UG Woman’s Team won Handball Academic Championship Poland 2020. Adding to that, the University of Gdańsk player - Julia Wtulich received the MVP award.

AZS UG roster for the Handball Academic Championship Poland:

  1. Wiktoria Jędraszek -  Faculty of Economics
  2. Wiktoria Malesa – Faculty of Law and Administration
  3. Paulina Murawiecka – Faculty of Social Sciences
  4. Oliwia Osasiuk - Faculty of Economics
  5. Anna Polak - Faculty of Law and Administration
  6. Paulina Przykłota – Faculty of Management
  7. Weronika  Serowik - Faculty of Law and Administration
  8. Magdalena Sobczyk - Faculty of Management
  9. Izabela Świerżewska - Faculty of Economics
  10. Julia Wtulich – Faculty of Chemistry


dr Jan Patok, mgr Krzysztof Kotwicki

Team manager: Monika Trawczyńska

Silver medals for AZS UG Men’s Handball Team

Also Men’s Team performed well at the 2020 Polish Academic Championship, winning silver medals in Siemianowice Śląskie.

AZS UG won their first two games during the group stage of the tournament. Our team beat Medical University of Warsaw (34:16) and Warsaw University of Life Sciences (34:19), then got defeated by Kozminski University Warsaw in the third game, however two victories allowed our team to advance from the second place. In the quarterfinal game we lost to AGH University of Science and Technology, eventual bronze medalists in general classification. The University of Gdańsk Team ended 8th in Championship’s general classification but what is more important won silver medals in university classification.

AZS University of Gdańsk Team roster:

  1. Michał Czapran – Faculty of Law and Administration
  2. Dawid Dereszkiewicz - Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
  3. Krzysztof Kotwicki - UG employee -  WFiS Center
  4. Karol Kreft - Faculty of Law and Administration
  5. Jan Miklas - Frankowski – Faculty of Social Sciences employee
  6. Kacper Miklewicz – Faculty of Economics
  7. Krzysztof Młodziejewski - Faculty of Law and Administration
  8. Aleksander Narewski - Faculty of Economics
  9. Igor Pierzchała - Faculty of Law and Administration
  10. Paweł Pitucha – Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
  11. Michał Plesiak - Faculty of Economics
  12. Szymon Skonieczny – Faculty of History
  13. Patryk Stelnicki – Faculty of Social Sciences

Coaches: mgr Krzysztof Kotwicki, dr Jan Patok

Media reports: Piotr Walczak, AZS UG Managing director


Translation: Adam Myzyk

Zdjęcia z Akademickich Mistrzostw Polski w Piłce Ręcznej Kobiet i Mężczyzn/fot. Michał Walusza /AZS
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