University of Gdańsk Senate Meeting on 8 September 2020 – announcement

The Extraordinary Meeting of the University of Gdańsk Senate took place on 8 September 2020 and was dedicated to the State of the University after dr hab. Jerzegy Gwizdała, prof. UG resigned the post of Rector.

Before the official opening of the meeting, prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Grzonka, Rector Senior of the University of Gdańsk addressed the Senate Members. He expressed his gratitude for awarding him with the UG Honorary Doctorate title during the Anniversary Year of the University and called for unity of the entire academic community. He pointed out to the Daniel Fahrenheit Gdańsk Universities Association, comprising University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology and Medical University of Gdańsk, hoping this platform enhances cooperation and integration of the academic community.

Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Bielawski, Vice Rector for Development and Cooperation with Business and Industry, acting UG Rector, chaired the Senate session. Senate Members discussed the current State of the University, listened to the statement of the Chairman of the University of Gdańsk Council and discussed legal matters related to the election of a new UG Rector. Prof. dr hab. Mariusz Bogusz, Chairman of the UG Electoral Commission (UKW), presented timeline of the electoral process. Firstly, the UG Electoral College Members (UKE) are elected, secondly, the Chairman of the UKE declares the end of Rector’s term and after that, new Rector’s electoral process launches. Both Senate and UKW intend to hold an election as soon as possible, in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and Science and the provisions of the UG Statute and Electoral Regulations.

Members of the Senate decided that new special resolution was required, which after its adoption will be communicated to the academic community.

The Extraordinary Meeting of the University of Gdańsk Senate took on hybrid form, allowing every Senate Member to attend. Part of participants were present at UG Senate Hall, another part joined online – via the MS Teams Application. This meeting form was proposed due to the current epidemic situation.


dr Beata Czechowska-Derkacz, Spokesperson of the University of Gdańsk

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