Dr hab. Anna Żaczek, prof. MUG, MWB Deputy Dean became a mentor of the TopMinds program

Dr hab. Anna Żaczek, prof. MUG, Deputy Dean of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology (MWB) of University of Gdańsk and Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) and Head of the Department of Translational Oncology, became a mentor of the unique TopMinds program, addressed to MA studies seniors and graduates searching for their own career path and for doctoral students pondering next steps of their careers.

TopMinds is a joint initiative of the Top 500 Innovators Association and Polish -U.S. Fulbright Commission, supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher education, Collegium Wratislaviense  and Bury & Bury Kancelaria Patentowa sp. z o.o. (Bury & Bury Patent Attorney Office)

The program is one of the largest mentor undertakings in Poland. Mentoring is a highly efficient method of personal and career development. It is based on the ‘master-student’ relation, where the more experienced master (mentor) shares his knowledge and experience with the less accomplished, often younger – student (mentee), supporting them in reaching their goal.

- Next to workshops and trainings, the greatest value of the program comes from the individual cooperation with the selected mentor – says dr hab. Anna Żaczek. - Working with a mentor, under the program, is targeted at the needs of the mentored person, revealing and developing their potential. It might mean support in searching for and developing personal career path, training specific skill, confronting and analyzing their own ideas, developing self-potential or networking. Mentors of TopMinds program are experienced scientists, readily sharing their experience and network of social contacts. They will support and advise on drafting research projects, formulating messages of scientific publications or preparing proper conference presentation. They will also encourage the mentees to participate in international scholarship programs, to cooperate and network internationally. It is worth emphasizing that mentoring is not a one way process. There are also benefits for mentors, who get satisfaction from supporting the development of mentees. The mentor relation allows for mutual inspiration and encouragement. It gives joy and the sense of fulfillment. Successes of my mentees gave me the same amount of satisfaction as those of my own.

The initiative opens door for international career of young researchers, The current edition welcomes people writing doctoral dissertations and MA senior students. Admissions are open till 8 November 2020.

Admissions to the 2021 edition of the TopMinds program


Translation: Adam Myzyk

Press Office of University of Gdańsk