Recruitment for the 6th edition of the Top Young 100 programme


If you want to develop under the guidance of a personal mentor in the TFL and broader supply chain industry or try your hand at solving business problems, take part in the recruitment for the Top Young 100 Programme, which supports and promotes young talent in the professional market.

Recruitment for the sixth edition of Top Young 100, an initiative aimed at the best students of faculties related to the broader Transport - Forwarding - Logistics industry, is open until March 12, 2023.

'The labour market is intensively looking for digital competencies in employees, hence in the sixth edition of Top Young 100 the programme will not only take care of the participants' development in the field of logistics but also their understanding of digital transformation processes so that, being a logistician, they can effectively build digital solutions,' - says dr Leszek Reszka from the Faculty of Economics UG, the programme's academic supervisor at the University of Gdańsk.

The programme is aimed at the best students connected with the Transport - Forwarding - Logistics industry. It is made up of three communities: business, academia and students, and its main objective is the ability to build cooperation between these communities - to exchange experiences, ideas and establish mutual relations by solving real business challenges at the programme's partners.

What will you gain by joining Top Young 100? Among other things, mentoring, new competencies needed in the labour market, the opportunity to create your network of business contacts, learn about the requirements of business and future employers. You will also gain valuable experience by working on real business challenges and collaborating with companies.

Up-to-date information on the programme:

If you are interested in the programme, you are encouraged to contact the Top Young 100 Project Office at: or the programme supervisor, dr Leszek Reszka at:

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