University of Gdańsk to host the Academic Sports Convention for People with Disabilities


The Academic Sports Association is systematically developing a series of events called the AZS Integrative Polish Championships. In response to these activities, precisely two years ago, a multisport section was established in the AZS Academic Club of the University of Gdańsk for students with disabilities.

'The Convention of Academic Sports for Persons with Disabilities' is a meeting dedicated to the Rector's Plenipotentiaries for Persons with Disabilities, representatives of municipal and provincial units, people active in academic sport, i.e. representatives of the Physical Education and Sport Studies and AZS Clubs from our region. Such a group welcomed just such a group within our walls on Friday, 10.02.2023.

- 'We are incredibly proud that the AZS authorities have once again recognised our commitment to developing sports for people with disabilities. It is a great honour that we were able to organise one of the meetings of the whole cycle at the University of Gdańsk. Thanks to the cooperation of the AZS University Club, the Centre for Physical Education and Sport and the Office for Persons with Disabilities, we were once again able to show how much we have already done in this area,' - reports Tomasz Aftański, Deputy Director of CWFiS UG for Sports and the convention organiser.

The convention was an opportunity to present the events organised by AZS and a place to exchange experiences and establish new partnerships in this area. In addition, the coach of the SON section of AZS UG mgr Małgorzata Aftańska, gave a presentation on the achievements of the members of our youngest sports section. Dr Marta Dalecka, Vice President of the AZS Main Board, shared her rich organisational experience. 

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Gdańsk University of Technology, the Medical University of Gdańsk, the Naval Academy, the Academy of Physical Education and Sport, the Elbląg Academy of Applied Sciences and the AZS Environmental Organisation in Gdańsk. There was also a solid representation of the University of Gdańsk with dr Jan Patok, Director of CWFiS, dr Justyna Rogowska, Head of the Office for Persons with Disabilities at the University of Gdańsk and Piotr Walczak, President of KU AZS UG.

'We want to develop this area vigorously, and we are counting on the tangible effects of this convention in the form of increased activity of our students in the AZS Polish Integration Championships, but also new projects at the university and community level. We have shown that we can be a binder of inter-university activities in the sports area for people with disabilities,' - added Tomasz Aftański.  

The Academic Sports Association organised the series and co-organised by AZS of the University of Gdańsk and CWFiS UG. The event is held under the patronage of the JM Rector of the University of Gdańsk, prof. Piotr Stepnowski. The European Commission funds the project.

Fot. Marcel Jakubowski
EMW / Press Office UG