Fahrenheit Universities with a special award in the Pomeranian Storms award plebiscite

The competition chapter of the Pomorskie Sztormy (Pomeranian Storms) plebiscite awarded the Fahrenheit Universities a special prize - the Tri-City Charter Medal - for cooperation and actions taken to make the best use of the potential of the three member universities.

The Chairman of the Fahrenheit Universities Assembly, prof. Marcin Gruchała received the statuette, together with the Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Development at the University of Gdańsk, prof. Sylwia Mrozowska, and the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at the Gdansk University of Technology, prof. Barbara Wikieł.

'Thank you for noticing and appreciating our cooperation initiative,' emphasised prof. Marcin Gruchała, Chairman of the Fahrenheit University Assembly, Rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk. - 'Our goal is to create a strong academic centre in Pomerania, visible worldwide, which will be a magnet attracting the most talented people to work and study here.'

The medal may be awarded to persons, companies and institutions that have contributed most to the implementation of the postulates of the Tri-City Charter signed in 2007 on the initiative of Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto by the mayors of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot and the then Marshal of the Voivodeship. The award ceremony for the Pomorskie Sztormy (Pomeranian Storms) plebiscite occurred on March 23 this year at the Olivia Star in Gdańsk.

Referring to the name of the awards presented for the 18th time, prof. Sylwia Mrozowska said: - 'There are a total of 3,800 of us employees and 40,000 students. We will undoubtedly create many more positive storms.'

compiled by MNG / Press Office UG, photo: Bartosz Bańka / Agencja Wyborcza.pl