Sławomir Płatek 'Po prostu brak' - author meeting at the UG Main Library

Ahead of us is another meeting in the BUG S.A. series of author meetings at the UG Main Library. This is an attempt to create a space for authors beginning their adventure with books, hiding their poems in a drawer and saying they should stay there. We say NO and invite you to the UG Main Library, where you can meet in an intimate group and try your hand at it.

On May 23, at 4 pm, in room 1.22, there will be a meeting with Sławomir Płatek, author of the poetry volume Po prostu brak.

Sławomir Płatek - a doctoral student at the University of Gdańsk, poet, cultural animator, film and literary publicist. Author of seven books of poetry. Awarded in numerous poetry competitions, currently a jury member and organiser. Director of the Transverse Wave festival in Gdańsk. President of the Salon Literacki Association conducts publishing and workshop activities. Awarded the Medal of Mayor Paweł Adamowicz for his long-term contribution to the cultural life of Gdańsk.

You are welcome! Free entry!

If you are a student or employee of UG and want to share your work, please get in touch with the Promotion Section:

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e-mail promocja_bug@ug.edu.pl


plakat reklamujący spotkanie autorskie z poetą Sławomirem Płatkiem
Marietta Tiszbein/BUG Promotion Centre