'The resort. As fashion and custom dictates' - exhibition at the UG Main Library

Summer season. Theatres, walks in Saska Kępa, rides, horse and car races, and regattas. Hustle and bustle, impatient anticipation of departure, attractions in and out of the city. Sometimes silence, the sound of the sea, unhurried hikes in the mountains and a well-deserved rest at the waters. Summer. A little lazy, a little sleepy, yet always hot and always too short…

Based on information taken from maps and magazines of the late 19th and early 20th century, such as: 'Tygodnik Ilustrowany', 'Bluszcz', 'Kłosy', 'Wędrowiec', and 'Biesiada Literacka', we prepared an exhibition from the collection of the Library of the University of Gdańsk entitled 'The resort. As fashion and custom dictate'.

We show what holidays looked like a hundred years ago. What was fashionable, where and how people rested, how they dressed, how they joked, and even what was advertised. Stop for a moment to look at selected photographs, articles, and drawings. See a summer resort that no longer exists.

The exhibition will be on display from July 3 to September 30 in the exhibition room on the first floor of the UG Main Library building. You are welcome to visit.


Curator of the exhibition: dr Katarzyna Wawrzynkowska/ Special Collections 

photo: Monika Budzińska/ UG Promotion Section

Marietta Tiszbein/Sekcja Promocji BUG