World’s Top 2% Scientists List features UG researchers

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14 researchers from the University of Gdańsk have been featured in the World’s Top 2% Scientists List in terms of the citability of their works among their peers. The current edition of the World’s Top 2% Scientists List has just been published in the PLOS Biology Journal by Stanford University authors, together with Elsevier publishing house and SciTech Strategies company.

The following 14 researchers’ names from the University of Gdańsk have been featured among World’s Top 2% Scientists, a prestigious list created by Stanford University:

  1. Robert Alicki 
  2. Jerzy Falandysz 
  3. śp. Marek Grinberg
  4. Michał Horodecki 
  5. Paweł Horodecki *
  6. Ryszard Horodecki 
  7. śp. Jan Kapuściński
  8. śp. Alfons Kawski
  9. Andre Marc Selosse 
  10. Bogdan Skwarzec 
  11. Piotr Stepnowski 
  12. Grzegorz Węgrzyn  
  13. Adrianna Zaleska Medynska 
  14. Marek Żukowski

Development of the list has been preceded by: a thorough evaluation of academic achievements of international researchers; calculation of the complex bibliometric index (C-score), based on the criteria like number of independent citations, the Hirsch index, areas and roles as coauthors.

The full list of 159 683 researchers, published by the Stanford University, is available here.

Link to the publication.

* Prof. Dr hab.Paweł Horodecki is listed as an employee of the Gdańsk University of Technology, however he currently works at the University of Gdańsk, serving as the Head of Research Team at the International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies.

Translation: Adam Myzyk

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