Significant advancement among universities in the Perspektywy ranking! UG two places up!

The University of Gdańsk has moved up two places in the university classification in the latest Perspektywy ranking. We also maintained our high 16th position in the all-university classification. We were promoted in 6 groups of individual criteria (there are 8 in total). The faculty of Biotechnology (IFB) advanced and is the second-best faculty in the country (jointly with the University of Warsaw), giving way only to Jagiellonian University. This is the first ranking that considers the results of evaluating the quality of scientific activity of universities for the period 2017-2021.

On June 29, 2023, the results of the Perspektywy Ranking of HEIs and the majors ranking were officially announced. The University of Gdańsk maintains its high 16th position among all academic universities in Poland. Still, among universities, it raised by two places and ranks fourth, giving way only to Jagiellonian and Warsaw Universities (classified jointly in first place in the Ranking of Academic Institutions and among Universities) and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The University of Gdańsk was given the best marks in the criteria of Academic Prestige (promotion from 11th to 8th place) and Scientific Potential (10th place, 18th a year ago). We were highly ranked in the Innovation criterion (8th place among all universities).

We also improved our position in other criteria, such as Graduates on the labour market (promotion to position 22 from 44), Internationalisation (position 24, previously 26) and Learning conditions (position 24, once 30).

Once again, we have moved up! We are very pleased with the fourth place in the category of universities that we obtained in this year's 'Perspektywy' ranking. We are on the podium if we consider that Warsaw University and Jagiellonian University are in first place jointly. Already the results of the evaluation show how much universities change during the evaluation period and how these changes are visible in various areas of activity of modern universities - in terms of scientific research, influence on the socio-economic environment and responding to critical social problems - said the Rector, prof. Piotr Stepnowski. - There is no denying it - although we cooperate with other universities, we are always in the race and feel the pressure. That is why maintaining 16th place in a category including all Polish universities, including medical universities, technical universities and non-public schools, is also a great success. I want to thank the entire academic community for mobilisation. I know it is not always easy to meet the tasks and demands set by the UG authorities, but please see that it is worth it!

We have also recorded success in the ranking of individual fields of study conducted at the University of Gdańsk.

Thanks to the strenuous efforts of the University authorities and the authorities of the UG and MUG Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, the Biotechnology faculty at the University of Gdańsk has moved up one place in the ranking and improved its place on the podium, taking second place jointly with the University of Warsaw, second only to the Jagiellonian University. The uniqueness of the faculty and its specificity (due to the implementation of education at two universities) required a unique methodological approach and a non-standard evaluation system, which, thanks to strenuous efforts, we managed to develop to such an extent that the faculty was finally ranked adequately high.

Other faculties highly ranked in the ranking were Cultural Studies (4th place in Poland and up one position compared to last year), Environmental Protection (4th place, the same as last year), Philosophy, Psychology (5th place, repeating last year's result), Security Studies (up from 11th to 5th place) and Biology (5th place with a slight drop of one position). For the first time this year, the faculty of Computer Science and Econometrics, implemented at the Faculty of Management, was evaluated in the group of economics faculties - here, we took a solid sixth place.



This year's edition of the Perspektywy Ranking of HEIs considers the results of evaluating the quality of academic activity of HEIs for the years 2017-2021. The ranking is based on the same methodology as last year while maintaining the same set of seven criteria and their weights. The main criteria and their weights in the final evaluation are scientific efficiency (28%), scientific potential and internationalisation (both with 15% weighting each in the final evaluation), prestige, graduates on the labour market (both with 12% weighting), educational conditions (10%) and innovation (8%).

The Perspektywy Educational Foundation obtains data for the ranking partly from universities but mainly from the POL-on System and the Scopus database, where the SciVal analytical system is used for advanced bibliometric analyses.

The Perspektywy 2023 Ranking of Academic Schools includes Polish academic universities (public and non-public) with at least one authorisation to confer a doctoral degree and a minimum of 200 full-time students. The Ranking includes HEIs with a minimum of two years of graduation.

The full methodology of the ranking of academic universities, including the exact indicators under each criterion, is available at:

The results of the Perspektywy 2023 Ranking of Academic Universities are available at:

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Katarzyna Gregorowicz-Bielawska, Office for Analysis and Expertise