Assumption of the Wacław Szybalski Named Chair of Honour. Inauguration of the 2023/2024 academic year at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

Rektor UG prof. Piotr Stepnowski

Rektor UG prof. Piotr Stepnowski

Prof. Harald Weinfurter takes up the Waclaw Szybalski Named Chair, and the academic year 2023/2024 at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics officially opens! A unique inauguration at WMFiI is behind us, attended by faculty and university authorities, scientists, students and entrepreneurs.

‘The image of UG in Poland and internationally is changing and will continue to do so, which is reflected in the continuous improvement of our university's position in rankings. In the latest edition of the Perspektywy ranking, we were placed just behind Warsaw University, Jagiellonian University and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań,’ opened the event Rector UG prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski. ‘This is also a credit to your faculty - your diligence, ingenuity and research.’


Among the exceptional initiatives of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics, the UG Rector mentioned, among others, research conducted at the Institute of Mathematics in the field of logic and number theory, cooperation with Intel, physics publications in high-scoring periodicals or work on quantum information theory.

Prof. Piotr Stepnowski concluded his speech addressing the faculty's new students: ‘Our ambition is that when you leave the University of Gdańsk in a few years, you will be able to say with pride: my Alma Mater.’

prof. Marek Żukowski

prof. Marek Żukowski

Then, it was time to appoint a new holder of the Wacław Szybalski Named Chair of Honours. In the academic year 2023/20224, this will be prof. Harald Weinfurter - a professor of physics at Ludwig and Maximilian University of Munich, who has worked with, among others, Nobel Prize winner and UG honorary doctorate holder prof. Anton Zeilinger.

‘Prof. Harald Weinfurter is one of my best friends,' began the laudation prof. dr hab. Marek Żukowski. ‘We met at the University of Gdańsk in 1989 during a small conference. At the time, I did not expect our paths to cross again. Two years later, we met in front of our common room in Innsbruck. We were both invited to work together by prof. Anton Zeilinger, who was just setting up his research team.’

Od lewej: prof. Piotr Stepnowski i prof. Harald Weinfurter

From left: prof. Piotr Stepnowski and prof. Harald Weinfurter

After the laudation, prof. Piotr Stepnowski symbolically handed over the Wacław Szybalski Named Chair of Honour to prof. Harald Weinfurter. The professor thanked for his appointment and noted that he was always happy to return to Gdańsk. 

In his speech, the Dean of WMFiI, prof. dr hab. Piotr Bojarski, thanked everyone who had contributed to the new building of the Institute of Computer Science and the general renovation of part of the older building.

‘I believe that raising the infrastructural standard will translate into higher quality of scientific research and the teaching process, and will make working in the new rooms and teaching halls simply enjoyable,' said prof. Piotr Bojarski.

prof. Piotr Bojarski

prof. Piotr Bojarski

The dean also summarised the faculty's current teaching offer, cooperation with Intel, the Medical University of Gdańsk, or the International Research Agenda ICTQT UG, and scientific publications. Last year, as many as seven articles by WMFiI researchers were published in journals with the highest number of points, i.e. 200 points, by MEiN. Prof. Piotr Bojarski pointed out that many publications also appeared in periodicals worth 140 points.

‘I wish all members of the academic community a prosperous, successful and peaceful academic year,' concluded the speech by the dean of WMFiI.

Studenci podczas immatrykulacji

The matriculation of students was conducted by WMFiI Vice-Dean for Student Affairs dr Barbara Wolnik, and the inaugural lecture on quantum technologies was given by prof. Harald Weinfurter.

Podczas inauguracji od Prorektora ds. Badań Naukowych prof. dr. hab. Wiesława Laskowskiego oraz prof. Piotra Bojarskiego stopień doktora otrzymały następujące osoby: 

  • Dr inż. Natalia Majewska - promotor: dr hab. Sebastian Mahlik, prof. UG
  • Dr Gabriela Aleksandra Łuczyńska - promotor: prof. Tomasz Szarek
  • Dr Bianka Wołoncewicz - promotor: prof. Marek Żukowski
  • Dr Ricard Ravel Rodríguez - promotor: prof. Michał Horodecki
  • Dr Tanmoy Biswas - promotor: prof. Michał Horodecki; pomocniczy: dr hab. Kamil Korzekwa
  • Dr Ray Ganardi - promotor: prof. Tomasz Paterek; pomocniczy: dr Adrian Kołodziejski
  • Dr inż. Marek Winczewski - promotor: dr hab. Karol Horodecki, prof. UG
  • Dr Paweł Barbarski - promotor: dr hab. Piotr Szuca, prof. UG; pomocniczy: dr Nikodem Mrożek
  • Dr Bartosz Kamedulski - promotor: dr hab. Piotr Bartłomiejczyk, prof. PG
  • Dr Palash Pandya - promotor: prof. Marcin Wieśniak
  • Dr Michał Mońka - promotor: dr hab. Aleksander Kubicki, prof. UG; pomocniczy: dr Illia Serdiuk

Wręczono także Medale Komisji Edukacji Narodowej dr Elżbiecie Mrożek, dr. hab. Marcinowi Marciniakowi, prof. UG oraz dr. hab. Markowi Krośnickiemu, prof. UG.

Przyznano nagrody Rektora UG:

  • I stopnia: dr. hab. Markowi Krośnickiemu prof. UG oraz dr. Adamowi Kweli
  • II stopnia: dr. hab. Wiesławowi Miklaszewskiemu, prof. UG, dr Hannie Furmańczyk, dr Anecie Lewkowicz, dr Annie Synak, dr. hab. Michałowi Studzińskiemu oraz dr. Pawłowi Klindze
  • III stopnia: dr. hab. Błażejowi Szepietowskiemu, prof. UG, dr. Maciejowi Mroczkowskiemu, dr. Adamowi Kostulakowi oraz dr. Illi Serdiuk.
  • IV stopnia: prof. dr hab. Stanisławowi Pogorzelskiemu, dr. Pawłowi Pączkowskiemu

Nagrodę zespołową I stopnia otrzymali:

  • Dr Barbara Wolnik; dr hab. Antoni Augustynowicz, prof. UG;
    dr inż. Anna Nenca; dr Maciej Dziemiańczuk
  • Dr hab. Sebastian Mahlik, prof. UG; dr Agata Lazarowska;
    dr inż. Tadeusz Leśniewski

A Nagrody Rektora dla pracowników Wydziału niebędącymi nauczycielami akademickimi przyznano: Annie Baran, Gabrieli Budnik, Wiktorii Kamińska, Gabrieli Wencie, Maciejowi Grzegorczykowi, Krzysztofowi Sikorskiemu, Arkadiuszowi Zapadce oraz Arturowi Sikorskiemu.

Specjalne Nagrody ICTQT otrzymali:

  • Dr John Selby 
  • Dr Giovanni Scala 
  • Dr Marcin Łobejko 
  • Dr Michał Banacki 
  • Dr Antonio Mandarino 

Dziekan WMFiI pożegnał także pracowników naukowych odchodzących na emeryturę: dr. hab. Stanisława Kryszewskiego, prof. UG oraz dr. hab. Wiesława Miklaszewskiego, prof. UG. Prof. Piotr Bojarski pogratulował także jubileuszu osiemdziesięciolecia prof. dr hab. Ryszardowi Horodeckiemu. 

Text and photo Marcel Jakubowski/Press Office UG