The Port of Gdańsk will be involved in the creation of MIPMAL – a joint SEA-EU university course

Port Gdańsk

Port and logistics management will be the subject of the MIPMAL master's degree course prepared by the partner universities of the SEA-EU alliance. On September 22, the course organisers met with the Port of Gdańsk Authority SA to discuss potential cooperation. The Pomeranian company expressed its willingness to get involved in the initiative, which is an important step in realising one of the first joint SEA-EU alliance majors.

During the meeting, the committee of the maritime consortium presented the study programme, which aims at enhancing the qualifications of current or future employees of ports and companies in the maritime TSL sector. Our partners from the Port noted that the offering provides graduates with the skills needed to work in port administration or port business. The MIPMAL initiative's good reception means that the University of the Seas joint project will respond to the current demand of the maritime transport market.

Spotkanie robocze zespołu na Wydziale Ekonomicznym

Team's working meeting at the Faculty of Economics

Following a discussion on potential cooperation, MIPMAL representatives had the opportunity to see how the Port of Gdańsk operates. With a walk through the Baltic Hub terminal (former DCT Gdańsk), the SEA-EU team saw how the port infrastructure works in one of the partner cities.

The MIPMAL (Master in Port Management and Logistics) course is a joint initiative of the University of Cadiz, the University of Malta, the University of Split, the University of Algarve and the University of Gdańsk. Our university is represented in this initiative by the Vice-Dean for Science of the Faculty of Economics, dr hab. Przemysław Borkowski, prof. UG. MIPMAL aims to create a master's degree course whose programme would respond to the personnel needs of ports from all over Europe.

Thanks to the new partnership, the MIPMAL programme will be prepared in cooperation with institutions that deal with maritime administration and logistics on a daily basis. The course committee is in further discussions with the port industry, including the Spanish Port Authority of Algeciras and the Freeport of Malta.

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