Become a young Fahrenheit and win prizes


In cooperation with the UG Technology Transfer Centre, Univentum Labs, a special purpose vehicle of the University of Gdansk, is organising the third edition of the Univentum Labs Ideas - Young Fahrenheit competition. It is aimed at young employees, doctoral students and students of the University whose research has commercialisation potential.

The aim of the competition is, on the one hand, to promote interesting research conducted at our University and, on the other, to identify individuals and teams who are carrying out R&D work with market potential. The initiative is aimed at young employees and doctoral students, regardless of their field of science. This year, final-year master’s students may also apply. The organisers do not expect business plans but rather the presentation of ongoing research that, in the opinion of its authors, has market potential, may become the starting point for setting up an enterprise (e.g. in the form of a spin-off) or can be commercially licensed. 

‘Through its special purpose vehicle, the UG is a co-owner of 7 spin-off companies established by our university’s employees,’ says President of Univentum Labs, dr hab. Wojciech Bizon, prof. UG. ‘We hope that thanks to the next edition of our competition, we will reach a wide group of young university employees and encourage them to try their hand at the market. The winners and participants from previous years are developing their ideas and achieving further successes - we hope to turn them into market solutions.’

The spin-off companies were founded by employees and doctoral students from the faculties of Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, Oceanography and Geography and the International Centre for the Theory of Quantum Technologies. They are engaged in very diverse activities - recently, significant awards were given to NanoExpo (distinction in the start-up category of the Pomeranian Economic Griffin programme) and Quantum Cybersecurity Group (distinction in the competition for the Golden Anchor of the BaltExpo fair).

The competition consists of two stages. The first lasts until December 15, 2023. By this date, you must complete an application form, briefly describe your research, and indicate its commercialisation potential. In the second stage, for which the most interesting concepts will be selected, there will be a short presentation of the idea and an interview with members of the competition jury, which includes representatives of the world of science (including the Vice-Chancellor for Development and Cooperation, dr hab. Sylwia Mrozowska, prof. UG) and business. By the end of the winter semester, the winners of the competition will have been selected.

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dr Andrzej Poszewiecki