Understanding 'gender gaps' and the need to invest in gender equality. Open meeting of the FarU Women's Club


Female academics, staff and activists from Fahrenheit University will speak to those who want to hear about the situation of women in academia. During the open meeting of the FarU Women's Club, two presentations will be given: 'Understanding Gender Gaps in the Labour Market' and 'Could Fahrenheit Be a Woman Today?'. Join us on November 20 at 4:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

The Fahrenheit University Women's Club was established this year on June 21. It comprises members of the academic communities of three universities: the University of Gdańsk, Gdansk University of Technology and Medical University of Gdańsk.

The association aims to carry out activities for cooperation, exchange of experiences and awareness-building around issues of equality and mutual support of female researchers and employees of Fahrenheit Universities.

During the upcoming Open Meeting of the FarU Women's Club, the gender gap in the labour market will be discussed by prof. dr hab. Ewa Lechman from the Gdańsk University of Technology, and the topic of gender equality in academia will be raised by sociologists from UG: dr hab. Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, prof. UG and dr Magdalena Żadkowska.

This is the first initiative of this kind within the framework of the Fahrenheit University. The meeting is not only an opportunity to hear about the situation of women on the labour market and in higher education but also a chance to integrate female scientists and employees from UG, Gdańsk Tech and MUG.

The event is supported by the project MINDtheGEPS - Modifying Institutions by Developing The Gender Equality Plans funded by Horizon 2020 under the theme 'Supporting Research Organisations in the Implementation of Gender Equality Plans'.

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