Become a volunteer at the seal rescue centre at the Prof. Krzysztof Skóra Marine Station of the University of Gdansk in Hel


If you love the sea and its wildlife and want to gain practical experience in caring for seal pups and helping stranded Baltic seals return to the wild - you are more than welcome to support our team at the Prof. Krzysztof Skóra Marine Station of the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdańsk in Hel and the Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdańsk.

Volunteers’ help is essential, with more and more seal patients being brought to the centre every year. If you want to help save wild animals - come forward! Those interested are cordially invited to volunteer between March 15 and May 31, 2024.

‘This is a unique opportunity to participate in the active conservation of the species, gain valuable experience working with wild animals, meet interesting people and experience an unforgettable adventure!’ encourages the Head of the Marine Station in Hel, dr Iwona Pawliczka vel Pawlik.

The Marine Station and the Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdańsk are also looking for volunteers to take part in long-term volunteering (for a period of 3 months), during which there will be an opportunity to gain valuable experience in caring for marine mammals.

‘If your goal and dream is to work with wild animals in the future - read the information leaflet and apply,’ the Station’s employees appeal.

Volunteering at the centre - SMIOUG (English version available below Polish text).

Around 100 volunteers support the facility in Hel every year, and most of them are happy to come again.

Key volunteer activities include:

  • preparing meals for patients,
  • cleaning swimming pools and isolation rooms,
  • assisting the seal keepers with all activities.

Who are we looking for?

  • adults
  • people who decide to come for at least two weeks,
  • hard-working people who are not afraid of hard work in varying weather conditions and at different times of day and night (remember - injured seal pups often require round-the-clock care),
  • responsible people who will take their duties seriously - after all, you will be saving the lives of wild seals with us!
  • people who are not intimidated by large amounts of cleaning.


The Marine Station and FRUG invite you!

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