Early childhood and civic engagement. EACH project funded by Erasmus+

A new project - ‘Early Childhood and Sustainable Citizenship Routes in the Digital Era’ (EACH) - has received €250,000 in Erasmus+ funding, with a budget of over €23,000 for the University of Gdańsk researchers. The project on the UG side is led by dr Jarosław Jendza from the Institute of Pedagogy.

The EACH project is primarily a study of preschool education, which combines a deep understanding of the environment and climate challenges with digital technologies. The researchers aim to investigate the development of key transversal competencies, such as meta-comprehension, social skills, and critical thinking, in children aged 3-6 years.

Why these competences? ‘We believe that environmental awareness is crucial for our planet and for future generations. Using digital technologies, children will have the opportunity to explore the relationship between living beings and the natural world around them. From taking digital photos to recording sounds and creating videos, children will have the opportunity to explore the mysteries of nature and reflect on its different aspects,’ said the project's co-authors.

The project also focuses on active learning activities that will stimulate children to reflect on environmental issues. Through dialogue, collaborative inquiry, and digital-based knowledge building, the researchers want to develop children's skills in communication, collaboration, and understanding of the world.

In recent years, there has been a growing global awareness of the need for action on sustainable development and the fight against climate change. The project fits into these guidelines by integrating environmental protection and education for sustainable development.

Together, the creators of the EACH project want to shape a future in which children are not only sustainable citizens but also active participants in caring for our planet. The initiative fits into the category of a socially responsible university.

'Early Childhood and Sustainable Citizenship Routes in the Digital Era' (EACH)

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