The great journey of Gustav, or the story of a wolf who wandered from Saxony to Pomerania

Gustav the wolf travelled more than 10,000 kilometres in less than a year. He started his journey in Dessau, Germany. He stopped in Rostock and Hamburg, from where he travelled almost to the Danish-German border. In spring, he continued his journey along the S6 route. He arrived in Pomerania crossing 27 highways and two rivers.

- Currently, the wolf is in the area of the Slovincian Coast, i.e. between Łeba and Puck - reveals Maciej Szewczyk, PhD from the Department of Ecology and Vertebrate Zoology of the Faculty of Biology, University of Gdańsk, who is currently tracking the mammal's migration thanks to a collar with a GPS transmitter. Gustav the wolf has probably just started looking for a mate.

- The breeding season for wolves is the turn of winter and spring. This will be a crucial period for Gustav. If he manages to find a partner and be accepted during this time, he has a good chance to carve out some territory for himself. Three packs are living in this area, so finding his place plays a key role. If Gustav does not manage to find a partner in this time, he will be a lone wolf for another year - says Maciej Szewczyk, PhD.

Wolves are under total protection in Poland. According to estimates, there are about 2 thousand of them living in our country.

dr Maciej Szewczyk

Maciej Szewczyk, PhD, Department of Ecology and Vertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology

Photo credit: Robert W. Mysłajek, DSc


Press Office of University of Gdańsk