The 'Energy of the Future' competition has started. You are welcome to take part!


Students and doctoral students are cordially invited to participate in the 'Energy of the Future' competition. The main prize is a trip to a foreign conference on the topic of sustainable energy! The winning teams will also receive funding to implement their projects - up to PLN 30,000.

The competition focuses on innovative solutions in the field of energy, and the form of the competition work is chosen by the participants themselves.

What is the competition about?

Teams represented by students and/or doctoral students can submit a project in one of three categories:

  • Prototype of an innovative device;
  • A film promoting sustainable energy solutions (in two language versions: Polish and English);
  • An information and education campaign to disseminate knowledge among students on fuels of the future and renewable energy.

In each category, the Competition Jury will select up to three projects for which funding will be awarded for implementation, and the budget depends on the category and is:

  • up to PLN 30,000 in the case of category I 'prototype',
  • up to PLN 4 000 in the case of category II 'film',
  • up to PLN 20 000 in the case of category III 'information and education campaign'.

It is worth remembering that the team must include at least two people from different universities forming the Fahrenheit Universities: MUG, GdańskTech or UG, and the team may consist of a maximum of 6 people.

The rules of the competition and the application form can be found at:

We are waiting for applications until April 30!

Karolina Sienkiewicz/FarU