The success of a researcher from the Institute of Psychology UG in the Bekker Programme

We are pleased to inform that the project of Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, DSc, from the Department of Intercultural and Genetic Psychology of the Institute of Psychology, University of Gdańsk, was recommended for funding in the 3rd edition of the M. Bekker Scholarship Programme.

The programme aims to support researchers and academic teachers employed at Polish universities and scientific units in their pursuit of scientific excellence by enabling them to serve postdoctoral internships, conduct research or acquire materials for scientific work at renowned foreign centres on a scholarship basis.

The programme is open to researchers from all scientific fields and the host institutions can be scientific or academic centres worldwide.

The programme provides funding for a fellowship covering the living costs associated with staying at the foreign host centre and a mobility allowance.

Results of recruitment

Press Office of University of Gdańsk