Once again Impact Factor for four UG journals

Okładki czterech czasopism z IF, wydawanych na UG. Z lewej okładka Health Psychology Report

In June 2024, as every year, Clarivate calculated the Impact Factor indices for the previous year for journals indexed in the Web of Science database. Impact Factor was obtained for four journals published by the University of Gdańsk. Two of them (edited by researchers from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Gdańsk) boast the highest IF indices among Polish psychology and psychiatry journals indexed in the database.

The Impact Factor (IF, impact factor) is the citation rate of a scientific journal, which reflects the average annual number of citations of articles published in a given journal over the past two years (or five years - in the case of a 5-year IF). The value of this coefficient indicates the importance of a journal in the scientific world, while publications in journals indexed in Web of Science confirm the high quality of the researchers' research work - and translate into the evaluation results of the university.

'We are pleased that our psychology journals maintain a high level,' says prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Lipowska, deputy editor-in-chief of the quarterly Health Psychology Report (HPR), which obtained the highest IF index of all journals created at our university. ‘Usually, the second IF calculation gives a slightly worse result than the first one. Meanwhile, Current Issues in Personality Psychology (CIPP) maintained its previous citation rate and HPR's Impact Factor was even higher than that calculated in 2023.’

University of Gdańsk journals with Impact Factor indicators (in alphabetical order):

  • Current Issues in Personality Psychology (Faculty of Social Sciences) - IF = 1.0
  • European Journal of Transformation Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences) - IF = 0.1
  • Health Psychology Report (Faculty of Social Sciences) - IF = 2.2
  • Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies (Department of Oceanography and Geography) - IF = 0.9
Karolina Żuk-Wieczorkiewicz/Press Team