SEA-EU Blue Talks session 5: Potential for Blue Growth

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We are pleased to announce that the speakers of the next BlueTalks webinar are Hanna Ładkowska and Konrad Ocalewicz, both working at the University of Gdańsk at the Institute of Oceanography. 

The session will provide an overview of the most promising blue bioeconomy sectors in terms of growth (e.g. good practices, pilots implementations, developments plans) with the special emphasis of an innovative aquaculture.

The lecture will also touch on issues related to aquaculture sector in the pandemic era, like lockdown and its consequences for production of fish, fish processing, limitations of transportation, consumption (markets and restaurants). Most of the issues will be discussed based on observations on the salmonid fish aquaculture and market in Poland and the EU.

Date:18th February 2021, time: 13:00

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