Meeting of UG Rectors

The Senior Rectors were guests of the Rector prof. Piotr Stepnowski. The gentlemen met in the Portrait Hall of the UG Main Library to talk about changes in the university and its development plans.

Prof. Zbigniew Grzonka, prof. Marcin Pliński, prof. UG Andrzej Ceynowa and prof. Bernard Lammek were invited.

- 'I would like to build on the experience of my predecessors, who not only created the history of the University of Gdańsk but whose actions have influenced our future,' said Rector prof. Piotr Stepnowski at the opening of the meeting.

Rector prof. Marcin Pliński noted that it was the first time that Senior Rectors were invited to such a meeting together.

The terms of office of each Rector coincided with different political and economic periods, different ministers and ministries and reforms of science, so they have different experiences in managing the University. The Rector, prof. Piotr Stepnowski presented the guests with his vision of the University's development and the changes he is already introducing and plans to introduce. He also asked for their opinion on these plans.

- 'Listen to us, but do your own thing,' stressed Senior Rector prof. Zbigniew Grzonka.

The Rector-in-Office announced that it was the first, but not the last, meeting of rectors.

Rectors of the University of Gdańsk. Photo: Arek Smykowski/UG

Rektorzy Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego. Fot. Arek Smykowski/UG
Press Office of University of Gdańsk