Amendment to the Statute of the University of Gdańsk - unanimous decision of the UG Senate

The Senate of the University of Gdańsk unanimously adopted a resolution on amending the Statute of the University of Gdańsk. After assuming the function of Rector of UG, prof. Piotr Stepnowski addressed the academic community with a proposal to propose amendments to the Statute. A senate committee was also set up and chaired by prof. Mariusz Bogusz.

After three months of arrangements, consultations and after receiving a positive opinion from the University of Gdańsk Council as well as the acceptance of trade unions operating at the University, the Senate, at its meeting on March 25th 2021, unanimously adopted a resolution amending the Statute of the University of Gdańsk.

The most important changes include, among others, decentralisation of decision-making processes and organisation of the University to restore the proper place and role of Faculties in the structure of UG.

Moreover, in the amended statute:

  • the Faculty Councils have been reinstated,
  • the composition of the UG Scientific Discipline Councils has been expanded (all professors and university professors will be members)
  • the regulations concerning the periodic evaluation and competitions for the position of academic teachers were clarified, and the position of visiting professor was introduced
  • the University Council for the Evaluation of Education has been appointed,
  • the institution of recovery plans was introduced,
  • new ombudsmen for scientific integrity, equal treatment and counteracting mobbing were formally empowered,
  • the possibility of creating named chairs for prestigious distinction or honouring an outstanding scientist was introduced,
  • provisions against discrimination and unequal treatment have been introduced,
  • introduced the possibility of conferring the title of honorary professor of the University of Gdańsk and the ceremonial renewal of doctorates,
  • the circle of persons who may participate in the UG Senate session with an advisory vote has been expanded.

The changes are to enter into force as of 1 September this year.