How to write a scientific article? Online training with expert advice

Researchers at the University of Gdańsk and other member universities of the Association of Fahrenheit Universities, i.e. the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Gdańsk Medical University, can take advantage of training materials on writing scientific articles.

The training entitled. 'How to write a scientific article?', organised by the scientific publisher Elsevier, was held on Monday, April 12 in an online format. All researchers who could not attend the training, but would like to acquire new knowledge or systematise the existing one, can now access a set of training materials.

As dr inż. Katarzyna Gaca-Zając, representing Elsevier and conducting the training, emphasises, the prepared materials will allow scientists to better understand the role of publications and scientific publishing houses, as well as more efficient preparation of scientific manuscripts and submission of articles for publication.

- 'The training can be useful both for young scientists who are taking their first steps on the scientific path, as well as for more experienced ones who have already published numerous papers,' - stresses prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska, director of the Association of Fahrenheit Universities established several months ago in Gdańsk. - It will allow them to get acquainted with the most up-to-date knowledge concerning the publication of scientific articles and will improve their activities in terms of their distribution.

You can read the training materials on the organiser's website, and the password to access the recording is: f@H4dJm%.