We would like to inform you that the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Chief Sanitary Inspector have issued recommendations for students and PhD students who have the possibility of other accommodation to leave their dorm rooms. The recommendations can be found on the website.


In reference to the above mentioned recommendations of GIS and MNiSW, students, doctoral students and residents of the assistants' hotels of the University of Gdańsk, who have the possibility of other accommodation, have been requested to leave the dormitories as soon as possible.

Those who left the dorm rooms are requested to remain in their place of residence. The most important thing now is to keep as few residents as possible in the student residences. For the time being, all activities are of preventive nature only and are dictated by the recommendations of GIS and MNiSW. We will contact each person individually whose belongings was left behind and needs to be moved.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that on Monday, 16 March 2020, obligatory reorganization of accommodation in dormitories starts. Those who are currently leaving the student dormitories and assistant hotels have been asked to secure their personal belongings for the duration of their absence, as there will be a change of accommodation in the coming days, in order to mark out places that can be used for quarantine procedures at any time. Some student residences may be taken over by medical and sanitary services. Foreign students and PhD students may remain in student residences, but also their places of residence will be reorganized, meaning they will have to change rooms. All students and doctoral students of the University of Gdansk have been notified of the above decisions.


Dr Beata Czechowska-Derkacz, Spokesperson of the University of Gdańsk

Tłumaczenie: Adam Myzyk

UG Spokesperson