Free, on-line psychological support at the University of Gdańsk

The Institute of Psychology of the University of Gdańsk employees, together with doctoral students, students and alumni, declared free, online psychological support for people in need during the COVID-19 threat. During this difficult time, filled with unease, uncertainty and often loneliness, people, including University of Gdańsk students and employees, seek such support. Foreign students still inhabiting the dormitories might particularly be in need of help.

The Institute of Psychology of the University of Gdańsk employees have already been working in smaller groups, bringing psychological support through social media.

The necessary support, taking teams’ capabilities into considerations, will be offered online via Skype and other communicators. The service is also available in English.

The ongoing formation of teams is coordinated by dr Agata Rudnik from the Institute of Psychology , Division of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. Please contact her via e-mail: or via Skype agata.rudnik7

dr Beata Czechowska-Derkacz, Spokesperson of the University of Gdańsk

Translation: Adam Myzyk

Biuro Rzecznika Prasowego Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego