Course for student volunteers wishing to teach the Polish language to Ukrainian refugees

The Faculty of Philology of the University of Gdańsk in cooperation with the Academic Centre for Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners will prepare student volunteers to assist refugees in learning Polish.

Prof. dr hab. Aneta Lewińska from the Institute of Polish Philology invites all willing students and doctoral students to an intensive course/workshop on teaching Polish as a foreign language.

The first meeting will take place on Monday, 28.02.2022 at 7 p.m. via the MS Teams application.

During the 4 online meetings, prof. Aneta Lewińska will present the basics of teaching Polish as a foreign language, textbooks and other teaching aids.
With the support of the Dean's Office, prof. Lewińska will organise a group of lecturers, help determine the needs of potential course participants, and assist in the selection of textbooks.

The link to the meeting, to which all eager students are invited, is below:

1. Registration form link

2. MS Teams meeting link