The cooperation of the SEA-EU ensures the availability of international workshops, conferences, meetings with scientists and ongoing research. Three academics and researchers from the Faculty of Philology UG: prof. dr hab. Zenon Lica, dr hab. Hanna Makutat - Snuzik and dr Beata Karpińska-Musiał participated in the CRBC Summer School in Breton Linguistic and Cultural Heritage Studies - a course on the only Celtic language that is spoken in continental Europe today.

The workshop was organised from June 13 to 24 at The University of Western Brittany in Breton, France. For a fortnight, in an international group passionate about the study and research of regional languages and the fascinating history of Brittany, participants learned the basics of the Breton language. In the process, they learnt about its sociolinguistic and cultural roots, while visiting the beautiful sites of this region of France on organised field trips.

Next to Welsh, Breton is the most widely spoken Celtic language, with around 200,000 native speakers. Given that the language classes are taught through English, the course provides an excellent opportunity to learn the only Celtic language surviving on the European continent. Since 2015, the course has attracted participants from more than 12 countries. Their rich and diverse backgrounds have contributed to a significant broadening of the horizons of all participants and presenters, reads the CRBC Summer School website.

'The inspirations, both scientific and didactic, will certainly be used in further research and language didactics implemented at UG,' - said dr Beata Karpińska-Musiał.

Elwirą Romaniuk / Press Office UG