Summer school 'Children of Heroes' - UG helps Ukraine

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Meeting with participants of the 'Children of Heroes' summer school. Photo by Alan Stocki/UG.

The University of Gdańsk, in cooperation with the Lech Wałęsa Institute Foundation and the Ukrainian Consulate in Gdańsk, invited a group of thirty young people from Ukraine to participate in a summer school. The programme of the twelve-day stay in Gdańsk consists of two main components: presenting the tourist and cultural attractions of Pomerania and presenting the offer of the UG to future Ukrainian students.

They have an often dramatic history behind them related to Russia's aggression against Ukraine. Today, they gathered in the Council Hall of the Faculty of Neophilology of UG for the official welcome and inauguration of the summer school 'Children of Heroes', which runs until September 20.

'On the initiative of the rector's authorities, we are hosting a 30-strong group of young people from Ukraine - these are children from the Zhytomyr region whose parents are actively involved in the war effort,' - says Barbara Madany from the 'Alternator' UG Academic Cultural Centre co-organising the event. - 'We want to show them not only Gdańsk and the Tricity, but also Pomerania, and to get them interested in studying at the UG in the future.'

The meeting was attended by: Rector of the University of Gdańsk - prof. Piotr Stepnowski, Vice Rector for Students and Quality of Education - dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński, prof. UG, Oleksandr Plodystyi - Consul General of Ukraine in Gdańsk, Michał Biełuszko - Head of the Academic Cultural Centre of the University of Gdańsk ‘Alternator', Barbara Madany from ACK and dr hab. Aleksander Kuczabski, prof. UG - Plenipotentiary of the Rector for Aid to Ukraine.

'The UG has been helping Ukrainians in various ways since the beginning of the war; now, a new initiative - a summer school - has been born out of the Rector's intentions. It has taken in children whose parents are fighting or have fought bravely on the frontlines. We want to show you the University of Gdańsk and how our university functions,' - said dr hab. Aleksander Kuczabski, prof. UG, the Rector's Plenipotentiary for Aid to Ukraine, at the opening of the meeting.

The Rector also recalled the UG's commitment to helping Ukraine:

'Dear heroes, our friends, this is an important moment for us. Remember that if you ever come back here, you will have a peaceful haven with us,' - said prof. Piotr Stepnowski, Rector of UG. - 'The University of Gdańsk is not only a university, not only an idea for future studies, but it is a place where we want to actively speak out on socially important issues. We want to help you, at the beginning of the war it was emergency aid, organising accommodation, collecting food and necessities, but also conducting a dialogue with the Ukrainian and Polish governments on how to support Ukraine wisely and effectively. You are heroes, you have done the most important lesson of your lives and we want to empathise with you. It is important to breathe sometimes, to gain a new perspective. This is slowly happening, yesterday we read in the newspapers how the Russians are getting the rounds. I wish you to return as soon as possible to the free, wonderful country that is Ukraine.'

The Ukrainian Consul also expressed his thanks to the Rector for his support.

'What you have done is extremely important. The humanitarian aid, the assistance to Ukraine, the organisation of accommodation - thank you very much for all this. Now we have a new area of assistance, and I hope there will be further prospects. Thank you very much, also on behalf of the children, because for them this is an important and edifying experience,' - said Oleksandr Plodystyi.

The floor was then also taken by dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński, prof. UG, who drew attention to the beautiful, embroidered, regional costumes of Ukrainian youth, which are extremely important from a historical point of view, emphasising the identity and strength of Ukrainian culture.

Finally, the students and their tutors had the opportunity to visit the UG campus in Oliwa.

EMW / Press Office UG