Sea of Diversity – SEA-EU alliance photo competition launched

Are you interested in photography? Do you like challenges? Do you appreciate the importance of diversity in both environmental and social contexts? If you answered 'YES!' at least once, we have something that will undoubtedly interest you.

The SEA-EU Photo Contest is a two-stage competition aimed at students and staff of the partner universities of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU). The winning photos will be exhibited at the University Gallery in Split in November 2023, and their authors will receive gift cards worth €100.

This year's edition slogan is 'Sea of diversity' – a sea of diversity, depth of readings, and boundless interpretations. We want your perspective on this theme captured with your camera.

Submit your work on the local stage by October 31!

What do you need to do to enter the competition?

Take a photo that corresponds to the theme of this year's edition. Send it to with an appropriate description and a note on permission to use it (see terms and conditions for details). Follow the social media of SEA-EU at the University of Gdańsk to find out if your work is one of those selected to represent our university at the international level.

The winner of the local stage will receive a material prize and the opportunity to present their work at an exhibition in Split.

See the competition rules for details.

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Barbara Madany/ ACK UG "Alternator"