Results of the second edition of the Bike to University competition. More than 10,000 rides!

Zdjęcie Grupowe

Over 64 thousand kilometres on the way to work or the place of study - by bicycle or hybrid car - from April to October this year were covered by employees, doctoral students and students of the University of Gdańsk, Gdansk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdańsk. On November 17, we got to know the winners of the second edition of the Bike to University competition.

Over the seven months, the competition participants, commuting from home to work or place of study and back, made a total of 10 409 journeys. Together, they covered a distance of 64,202 km - or 1.6 circumferences of the globe - on a bicycle (91% of participants), electric bicycle (4%), scooter (1%), and electric scooter (4%).


This means that participants burned 256,800 calories, saved 5,136 litres of fuel, which translates into savings of PLN33,645, and - most importantly - reduced carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 12,840 kg.

The winners in the Highest Number of Rides category were Paweł Chwaszczyński among employees, who recorded 276 trips, and Hanna Głowienke, a doctoral student at the Doctoral School of Science and Life Sciences, who boasted 164 journeys. In the Largest Number of Kilometres Ridden category, the best among employees was again Paweł Chwaszczyński, who cycled a distance of 4,346 km during the competition. Among students and doctoral students, Michał Prusiński - a doctoral student at the Inter-University Doctoral School of UG and MUG - triumphed, cycling 706 kilometres.


The winners of the competition and those who came second and third in the category of the Highest Number of Rides, both in the employee group and the student/doctoral group, received prizes in the form of gift cards and UG souvenirs. The winners in both groups in terms of the number of kilometres ridden received a set of UG souvenirs.

Small prizes were also given to other participants who recorded 70, 150 and 220 rides.

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