Centrum Doskonalenia Dydaktycznego i Tutoringu UG

Photo: Ewa Szymczak, PhD, Director of the Centre for Didactic Improvement and Tutoring UG

The highest level of education - this is one of the strategic goals of our university," explains Ewa Szymczak, PhD, from the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdańsk, whom Professor Piotr Stepnowski, rector of the University of Gdańsk, appointed today as the director of the Centre for Didactic Improvement and Tutoring at the University of Gdańsk.

- I announced the establishment of this Centre in my electoral declaration. It starts its activity with a specific programme and tasks for this year and a development plan for the following years. We know that our previous experiences in tutoring at UG entitles us to apply for the status of a reference centre in this area. I am convinced that we can also become a model of some didactic innovations for our friendly universities in the partnership of the European University SEA EU. I am also aware of the huge needs for improvement of our academic teachers in the field of modern educational technologies, and not only in the context of the challenges of e-learning and remote education. I am sure that, at least in part, the establishment of the Centre will allow us to meet these very current challenges in the field of academic didactics - said rector Professor Piotr Stepnowski.

The task of the CDDiT will be to provide comprehensive support for academic teachers in the development of their didactic and methodological competences, providing a source of support in the implementation of modern tools and methods of education. The Centre will continue the previous undertakings carried out by the Laboratory of Didactic Innovation. As Director Szymczak emphasises, the special area of activity of CDDiT will be academic tutoring, i.e. training and developing the competences of tutors and introducing a personalised education path in academic education. - Nowadays, we attach more and more importance to the proper selection of the methods of verifying the effects of learning - believes Prof. Arnold Kłonczyński, Vice-Rector for Students and Quality of Education.

The Centre is supposed to be a place which not only offers training addressed to persons interested in broadening their competences in the scope of classes conducted at the university but also a place for exchange of experience and discussions related to the didactics of higher education, including the challenges related to remote learning.

The Centre encourages everyone to co-operate, both those who want to share their experiences and those seeking support. A website will soon be launched, through which it will be possible to get in touch with the Centre and make use of the training offer.

Appointment of Ewa Szymczak, PhD as Director of the Centre for Didactic Improvement and Tutoring UG. Photo: Arek Smykowski/UG.
Press Office of University of Gdańsk