PAS Gdańsk Branch prizes for young scientists awarded!

logo PAN (błękitne na białym tle) na tle widoku na Motławę

Photo by Janusz Kreczmański from Pixabay

It is the ninth time that prizes and distinctions have been awarded in the PAS Branch Science Prize competition for young scientists in Gdańsk. Among those recognised in the competition were six employees and doctoral students from the University of Gdańsk.

The PAS Gdańsk Branch Prize for Young Scientists is awarded equally to five Laureates in the following categories: 1) humanities and social sciences, 2) biological and agricultural sciences, 3) science and earth sciences, 4) technical sciences, 5) medical sciences; it is granted for an original research achievement that was published in the year preceding the submission of the application for the prize. It may be applied for by employees or doctoral students of scientific institutions in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Pomorskie and Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeships who meet the definition of a young scientist within the meaning of the Act of 20 July 2018 - The Law on Higher Education and Science.

A total of 77 works were submitted in this year's edition of the competition. In addition to prizes in the five categories covered by the regulations, nine distinctions were awarded at the request of the PAS Branch Presidium. Six male and female scientists from the University of Gdańsk can boast success in the competition.

The award winners were:

  • dr Piotr Karaś (Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG and MUG) - award in biological and agricultural sciences for the publication Evolution Towards Simplicity in Bacterial Small Heat Shock Protein System                                                                                                                                                                              
  • mgr Beata Zjawin (University of Gdańsk) - award in science and earth sciences for the publication Quantifying EPR: The Resource Theory of Non-classicality of Common-cause Assemblages

Distinctions were awarded to:

  • dr Jakub Orzeszek (University of Gdańsk) - an award in the humanities and social sciences for the publication Drugie ciało pisarza. Eseje o Brunonie Schulzu
  • dr Dawid Rogoziński (University of Gdańsk) - distinction in the humanities and social sciences for the publication WIBOR-based clause and cancellation of a loan agreement
  • dr Magdalena Podlacha (University of Gdańsk) - distinction in biological and agricultural sciences for the publication Sex-dependent differences in behavioural and immunological responses to antibiotic and bacteriophage administration in mice
  • dr Gabriela Brzuska (University of Gdańsk and Medical University of Gdańsk) - distinction in medical sciences for the publication Influence of Dosing Regimen and Adjuvant Type on the Immunogenicity of Novel Recombinant Zika Virus-Like Particles

Congratulations to all the researchers!


Karolina Żuk-Wieczorkiewicz/Press Team