Dr Jakub Szlachetko appointed to the team preparing an update of the national urban policy

Dr Jakub Szlachetko of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Gdańsk, has been appointed to the expert team preparing an update to the National Urban Policy. The team works under the auspices of the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy and the Institute for Urban and Regional Development.

The National Urban Policy is addressed to all Polish cities (regardless of their size or location) and their functional areas, however, it pays special attention to the problems of development of small and medium-sized cities. It proposes and postulates a wide range of various solutions, tools and instruments which may be flexibly used by cities of various sizes and locations. It aims to show where and how it is possible to increase the effectiveness of activities of public entities, and indirectly also private and social ones, to achieve urban policy objectives more efficiently.

The strategic objective of the National Urban Policy is to strengthen the capacity of cities and urban functional areas to create sustainable growth, jobs and improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. It refers to 10 main themes. These are spatial development, social participation, demography, transport and urban mobility, low-carbon and energy efficiency, revitalisation, investment policy, economic development, environmental protection and adaptation to climate change and urban management.

- The National Urban Policy is a key document for the development of cities in such areas of life as space, transport, environment, demography, housing or labour. It is required by law and determines the activity of state authorities, including law-making. Participation in the expert team preparing the NUM is, therefore, a great honour, but also a challenge - as its findings will co-shape the Polish reality, says dr Jakub Szlachetko.

Jakub H. Szlachetko, who emphasises with pride that he is a citizen of Gdańsk "by birth, but also by choice", is passionate about scientific research on the formula of the state, organisation and functioning of public administration, participation of citizens, think tanks and non-governmental organisations in performing public tasks. He is a graduate of three faculties (law, administration, spatial management), but feels to be first and foremost a lawyer, and adds: " an administrative lawyer". (specialising in administrative law).

He defended his doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk and holds the position of assistant professor at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography. For his scientific and research activities, he has been recognised, among others, with the prestigious Johann Uphagen Award for Young Scientists of the City of Gdańsk.

Source: National Urban Policy 2023

Julia Bereszczyńska / Press Office of University of Gdańsk