The University of Gdańsk Association of Physical Culture founding

On July 15 and 16, 2019 the University of Gdańsk Association of Physical Culture was founded at the University of Gdańsk. The objective of the association is to conduct classes and sport clubs, in order to cultivate physical culture among students, children and teenagers. The association will also provide support for people at risk of social exclusion, especially for the disabled and people from disadvantaged groups. Another objective of the association will be to organize participation in Polish Basketball Association events, and any other games held by Polish and international sport associations.

The University of Gdańsk was represented by dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński, prof. UG , the Vice- Rector for Students Affairs and Education; Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with Business and Industry, prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Bielawski;  prof. dr hab. Mariusz Makowski, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry;  attorney Donat Paliszewski and the President of The Academic Sports Association Club of the University of Gdańsk, Piotr Walczak. The partner – Olivia Business Center - was represented by the director of investor’s supervision, Grzegorz Kidybiński and attorney Bogusław Wieczorek. Attorney Donat Paliszewski was selected as the President of the association.

The initiative to found the association is an expression of both partners’ concern with regard to the development of any physical activity that could improve fitness and psychological wellbeing of students and young people, as well as supporting them to achieve better sport result at all levels.

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