UG student's gold medal in skiing during AMP

In the first days of March the biggest skiing competition for the student community - the Academic Championships of Poland - was held in Zakopane. Maria Leonowicz, a member of AZS University of Gdańsk, was very successful in this event and won the gold medal in the university classification in the giant slalom.

Coverage from the event: Piotr Walczak, chairman of AZS UG

On 1-3.03.2021 on the slope Harenda in Zakopane competed athletes from 50 universities from all over Poland. Among the competitors, there were teams of men and women from the University of Gdańsk.

In the final university classification, the ladies took a very good 4th place and the best competitor was Maria Leonowicz, who won the gold medal in the giant slalom. A UG student also had a chance for a medal in the slalom, but after a good first run, she fell off the course in the second run fighting for the best result.

The men took 6th place in the university classification.


1.Maria Leonowicz

2.Zofia Kseniak

3. Julia Szynkiewicz

4.Hanna Matuszewska

5.Zuza Tryk

6.Emilia Laskowska

7.Daria Górska

8.Hubert Czyż

9.Mikołaj Specht

10.Jakub Nowak

Coach: mgr Jerzy Zarubin

Photos from AMP skiing competition. Photos: AZS Warsaw - organizer.

Zdjęcia z zawodów narciarskich AMP. Fot. AZS Warszawa - organizator
Press Office of University of Gdańsk