Prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska's HotHybrids project supported by the Small Grants Scheme

The team of prof. dr hab. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska has received nearly one million PLN in the Small Grant Scheme competition. The winning project, 'Pioneering hybrid materials for CO2 photoconversion', aims to create a groundbreaking class of hybrid materials made of nanocrystals. The results of this research could have a positive impact on the development of solar cell and bioimaging technologies.

The Small Grants Scheme competition is part of the 'Applied Research' programme, funded by the Norwegian and European Economic Area (EEA) Funds. It aims to support female scientists who work in male-dominated fields. - 'According to 2020 data, in Poland, women account for only 35.1 % of PhD students in technical sciences. In my opinion, such a programme will help increase the share of women, both in terms of the number of employees in R&D and in terms of their role in the field of technical sciences,' - said prof. dr hab. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska, head of the Photocatalysis Laboratory in the Department of Environmental Technology UG.

This year, EUR 5 million was allocated for grants. However, each group could apply for up to EUR 200 thousand. - 'This kind of support is crucial for female researchers, especially when they start their scientific careers,' said Wojciech Murdzek, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, about the project.

The undertaking by prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska received PLN 863,750.00 from the Small Grants Scheme for the next two years. - 'The HotHybrids project aims to create a new class of hybrid materials, which will combine the unique properties of perovskite nanocrystals and metal-organic frameworks. Knowledge gained in this project may influence the development of energy storage technologies, solar cell technologies, bioimaging and obtaining new materials with luminescent properties,' - explains prof. Adriana Medynska-Zaleska. The Photocatalysis Laboratory project will be completed before April 30, 2024.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that on February 11, at 11:30, there will be an online meeting organised by the Academy of Young Scientists. The catchphrase of the event is 'Become a researcher! Women in Science 2022'. The date of the meeting is no coincidence, as of February 11, is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The meeting is aimed at high school, university and PhD students. More information at:…


Marcel Jakubowski