Farewell – Professor Maria Janion

It is with great sorrow that we learned about the passing of Professor Maria Janion on 23 August 2020, Outstanding Humanist, Authority Figure, Artist of the Academia, Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Gdańsk:

‘for developing new vision for humanities, for outstanding works on romanticism which shape Polish collective imagination, for outstanding contribution to the development of Gdańsk scientific society’ (1994) .

Professor Maria Janion created Gdańsk school of literary studies, which includes following notable professors: Stefan Chwin, Zbigniew Majchrowski, Stanisław Rosiek, Józef Bachórz, Małgorzata Książek-Czermińska, Izabela Morska, Kwiryna Ziemba.

She had been associated with the Higher Pedagogical School in Gdańsk since 1957, and with the University of Gdańsk since its establishment in 1970, where she worked at the Institute of Polish Philology.

The result of her cooperation with young Gdańsk scientists in the 80s, outstanding professors of our university now: Stefan Chwin, Stanisław Rosiek and Zbigniew Majchrowski, was the ‘Transgresje’ (Transgressions) series, which subsequent volumes, titled: „Galernicy wrażliwości” (Galley-Slaves of Sensitivity),  „Odmieńcy” (Outcasts), „Osoby” (Persons), „Maski” (Masks), „Dzieci” (Children), determined novel methods for practicing history of literature.

Professor Maria Janion was truly a hard worker, she authored several hundred  dissertations and scholarly books determining methodologies and trends in Polish humanities, opinion-making and socially important circles. Her dissertation "Romanticism, Revolution, Marxism", published in 1972 is subtitled ‘Gdańsk Colloquia’ and is dedicated to ‘the University of Gdańsk in its first year of operation’.

Now, during the jubilee year of the University of Gdańsk 50th anniversary, we pay our highest tribute to her.

Rector of the University of Gdańsk, UG Senate and UG academic community would like to honor her memory.


Press Office of University of Gdańsk