PAN Art Sciences Committee Award for UG Professor

Dr. hab. Mirosław Kruk, prof. UG, form the Institute of Art History of the Faculty of History at the University of Gdańsk, received the award for extraordinary achievements in art sciences, art history category. The award is granted by the Art Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN).

The Art Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences decided to grant its annual award for extraordinary scientific achievements at the plenary meeting on 20 November 2020.

The first volume of Mirosław Kruk’s book is the catalog of icons from Cracow National Museum’s collection. The book is something more at the same time – that is, it meets all the criteria of a scientific monograph, in the true sense of the word. Not only does the author provide a diligent descriptions for the specific works of art but also convincingly addresses number of general matters. The bilingual, visually appealing publication, followed up by volumes II and III edited by Mirosław Kruk, full of technological reports and high quality photographs, constitutes the extraordinary achievement in studying icons form Cracow National Museum collection and in icon painting in general.

The Art Sciences Committee was established in 1952 and currently consist of 47 members representing 5 disciplines: art history, musicology, theater studies, film studies and art conservation. It serves as National Committee for cooperation with the Comite International d'Histoire de I'Art (CIHA). More about the committee, its actions, on PAN website.

Translation: Adam Myzyk

Press Office of University of Gdańsk